GMOD shark npc

yep, I made a shark npc for gmod, swimming animation, attacking animation, its not 100% done, but its almost done

credit to shotgunguy for porting shark model from sven coop, and credit to silvelan for making the AWESOME ICKY npc that I used for a base



the video was made really quick, so when its close to the end and the screen is black, just wait, there’s on more animation to show you

Download here:

This would be fucking awesome. Can’t wait for the video.

I put up the video, its on the first post/main post

To be honest the movements look too robotic.

what animation is that, maybe I can fix it in the next version

Um…pretty much all of them. They just look unnatural. It’s a good concept, however.

That’s pretty awesome :o) Can i get a download? I wanna try it out :o) Honk honk

I will be uploading it today on, if its down, then i will post a different link.

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yeah, im not the best animator, so they do look odd, i am currently working on a new, bigger version, since this one is done

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The shark npc is up, i also changed something to make it better


This is you:

You get that for stealing code.

I forgot to put silverlan in credit ,I used it as a base, and then made changes
There, I put silverlan in the credits

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I have put the new one up, here is the download

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just so you know, i credited silverlan, and only used this for a base

It’s like if Terminator had a pet. Or well, at least moves the same. The rest is cool, i guess.

XD yeah, its pretty bad animating, im not to good at animating


I think it’s pretty cool.

Code: SAME
Sounds: SAME
Model: Different – Congrats.

the coding has been changed to make it more like a shark
sharks dont make sounds, this is fixed in my new version

So all you did was remove sounds. Real hard work there.

Your Post:

How it SHOULD be:

Please go into detail on what you did to make it more like a shark.

  1. the shark can even attack you in shallow water, i did this since most shark attacks actually happen in shallow water.
  2. If you hit the shark on the nose, it will pause for a while, i did this since hitting a shark on the nose is actually a good way of defense, that and going for they eyes and gills
  3. they are rather calm until you get to close to them, then they swim right at you.
  4. i made it somewhat weaker, since i don’t think sharks are as strong as an giant alien fish.

that’s all i can remember at the moment XD