GMOD Short - A day in the life of... GMAN - YTP

GMOD Short - A day in the life of… GMAN - YTP

Please rate and comment on the video giving me any suggestions on what you think I should do for videos. TBH I don’t have any good ideas at the moment, so any advice would be appreciated.

Eye sodomy.

You used drunk combine

what a pro

I didn’t though…

Is eye sodomy good or bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad… Very Bad.

Don’t lie

I used ragmorph…

Nonetheless. Spaztastic ragdolls stopped being funny.

I’ll consider that for next time… it was my first gmod video like this…

Watch their movies. Yours dont have to be as good as theirs, but they show that you can have a much deeper level of humor without “randomness”

Anyone got any suggestions for videos I could make? Not necessarily funny.

Music videos are always fun. Commercials for products can usually be funny. Action flicks are hard to do. You’ll just have to figure out something yourself.

That was just…Fucking terrible.

I’ve made something significantly better now:

Please tell me what you think :smiley: