Gmod short short 2!!!

This is the episode people waited for too long for, so here it is!

Tell me what you think and any suggestions are appreciated!

You need to raise the graphics settings.

The video wasn’t funny, by the way. It looked like you didn’t know what you were doing

Oh come on! There’s no way you watched the whole thing already!

It was too terrible to watch through


Plus, I could have watched it being three seconds under three minutes

Was it the look of it? Like was it all pixel-y? That’s you tube still processing, try watching it again.

No, it’s your own settings (notice the scene where Mario is in the foggy flatgrass area,)

Oh, you mean the fog. That was almost imposable to avoid, sorry. As for the rest of the video, it’s fine.

It wasn’t horrible, it was okay.

And the quality was fine.

The dustbowl scene was just terrible and mostly bland

Thank you very much. smiles in a gloating fashion to Beau Phos



My opinion stands.


On another note, there were only three settings.

Pretty short for a short short if you ask me

Has anyone here had to pose TF2 ragdolls? ITS HARD! Just wondering…


…um, that’s why it’s called “short”.


Wow, i just realized I suck at this… How does one be funny?



Humor is something that has to come to you. You can’t force a humorous idea to appear in your head. That way it will seldom be what you intended it to be.

In my experience the real funny ideas takes you by surprise. Then get in front of GMod and unleash your imagination. Don’t be put of by harsh critics. They help you improve and get better. Keep trying.

It was kinda funny, but I thought it was more artistic than funny.

I might suggest finding a different way of filming though since the fraps logo is kinda distracting. Maybe X-Fire recorder or Source Recorder if you can’t get the full version of fraps.

You have bad taste

It was ok, Beau Phos is being pretty harsh though.