Gmod Short Short celebrates it's upcoming fifth video! Yay!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to ask you guys what you want in the next video.

If you’ve never seen (or heard) of The Gmod Short Shorts, SHAME ON YOU!
No no, jk. Here’s the link to the list of the videos.

Personally, I didnt like any single one of the videos

That’s ok. Note everyone is going to like them.

Don’t use Construct for you videos unless you’re using the white room. Random xDxDxD memes aren’t funny. Make well constructed thought of jokes, and if you’re going for random, at least make it original and somewhat funny.

inb4 Your videos have to be SERIOUS BUSINESS. Don’t even DARE make a random movie because that is oh so over used and don’T even DARE make the video without ANY filter rape what so ever. every thing the characters do must be done in faceposer even thou it wouldn’t make it much of a gmod movie but do it anyway because that shits so cool. use crap voice acting. use a cliche story line. don’t even DARE make any references to whatever is popular on the internet even though it could be new and executed well. then after making the video go on to the forums and post how videos are as serious as a sport and how any that are slightly garbage or don’t fit your standards must be perished to the depths of hell.
Just be funny and original and your videos should be pretty good.

I don’t even know what to think of this. I…erm…hmmm…it’s…no,no,no…nope, I don’t know.

You talk like a 10-13 year old.

Only part I smiled at was at the first one when he started unzipping his pants while watching the Numa Numa dance.

They are well-edited however.

Lol the first one was funny