Gmod shorts:heavy plays COD and gets pwned by AI

Another gmod mini movie i made in just 1 day. Didn’t really work too hard on this one, but yeah, might as well show it to you guys.

FEEDBACK PLEASE! I NEED FEEDBACK! thanks and have a wonderful day/afternoon/night.whatever.

it was semi-funny until you put dr.hax in there.

You should consider adding more voice clips instead of reusing them. And yeah, dr. hax isn’t very funny. You should also change your sound choice for certain events. Like after the heavy destroyed his computer in an insane fit of rage, I don’t think he would be laughing in a calm demeanor, you really should have used the loud evil laughter for that part.

thanks for the feedback guys. Didn’t know very well that Dr. Haax isnt as popular as back in the day.

Where’d the blood on the computer come from?!

Also, it was very boring.