gmod shouldn't be lua based

Crashing problems would be so minimal if we could run Multiple cores on gmod. It feels like Im wasting a Quad Core because of Gmod…

Source doesn’t even have proper multicore support anyways, so what’s there to complain about!

Yeah, lets get rid of every single goddamn addon in the whole game so we can have quad core!

Yeah let’s do that so then we can have faster loading times a few less crashes and 50 more fps not

Looks like you need a new computer

Rate me bad reading, didn’t see “not”

Fuck that. I’d have gotten bored of GMod a long, long time ago if people couldn’t script things in Lua.

The easy, powerful scripting system is one of the best things about GMod, why the hell would you want to take it out?

See, what would be the point of Gmod if it wasn’t Lua based? It’d just be Half Life 2 with quad core if it traded lua for multi-core support.

The only bad thing about lua, in my eyes, is the single-core restriction. It’s great otherwise. So many people use it, so many people learn it.

It’s very lenient with regard to datatypes than some other languages.

Like in Pascal, you can only define variables before the code runs, or by using the New procedure on a pointer and having to Dispose of it when you’re done to avoid a memory leak. I don’t know if it’s a good example, but Lua doesn’t care. It doesn’t even care what datatype function arguments are when you define it or have a different datatype for integers and floats.

Tables are so piss easy to use - define it anywhere you like, add items, add subtables, and it’ll be fine, no problem. You can have pretty much anything as a key, an integer, a float, a string, even a function can be a key.

And with Garry’s additions to the GMod implementation you have two ways to put boolean logic (not,and,or) in the code, both of which work perfectly fine.

Lua’s just very easy to code. I think scripting engines on games should be relatively easy - for the people that just want to muck about with code, make a melon that rolls towards people and suicide bombs them or a gun that brings down a huge airstrike of SMG grenades where you’re looking.

I prefer scripting in Python, but I can’t really say I’m bothered by LUA. It’s not the holy grail, but it gets the job done well enough.