Gmod Showcase #1 - "Securing a Room"

I think competitions fail mostly because people are afraid to lose. So instead of competitions (or instead of ALL competitions) I am going to start weekly, monthly, yearly “Showcases”. There will be no winners or losers just a thread for everyone to show-off their unique ideas. I will set forth a theme and a generalized time limit and everyone can post there take on it.

For the first showcase I used Vicious713’s marvelous and life changing garage door ( as inspiration. The basic setup is you pick a room, tunnel entrance, hole in the ground or simply build a box… and secure it. I am talking about** doors** here people! If you choose a garage sized room, build a garage door. Spaceship? get cracking on a complex space door. Bank vault? Hell yes! I just finished one!

Since I was building on gm_excess_waters I would need to secure the roof skylights as well. (Zild1221 Helped here a bit with the top.)

So Go! Pick a room on any map and build the coolest and craziest doors you can think of and show them off here. Post’em when you finish. Feel free to post more then one. Group work allowed and encouraged.

^^^ Ideas?

I’ll get cracking on an Airlock/Quarantine Decon. Chamber.

Is it alright if it’s two doors and a decon. sequence?

lol, that circular door, i wanna try it… This is my kinda thing, massive physics fun and minimal wire has my name all over it >.>

I like your security door, and I’d probably enter the contest but I don’t know anything about Wire.

As many doors as you think you need. I plan on stacking like 10 super high security doors one after another all different designs in a cartoon batcave/mst3k kind of way. Most likely to protect a case of beer or a golden baby.

1, It isn’t a contest… 2, No wire is required for doors… Hell the second rooftop slider bitch is 3 thrusters and some hydro’s on 2 buttons. My big vault was hydro’s and 2 wheels.

This is a builders challenge more then a wire challenge.

I thought that the stuff in that video you posted was a bit sloppy. Like, didn’t work very well.


Ill try this though.

But make it a competition, otherwise i might get bored of it.

Competitions doesn’t work well on FacePunch unless there’s a prize involved. If you’re going to get bored of it, then that’s your problem.

It will stay shut even if a prop with maximum weight is being pushed at it with the physgun. Not thrown at, Pushed.

It uses 4 pegs that goes in and out to prevent it from being pushed out of place.
There are alot of weldlatches.
They are like this:
First the pegs are welded to the door when they are locked. Then the wheel is welded to the door. Then the whole door is welded to the frame.
It works without the weld latches though but is just not as stable. But can still withstand alot of pressure. It also works very good without the latches to the doorframe. Like, Only the door is welded to itself, not the base. It’s more realistic without those 2 latches. The wheel controls the 4 pegs and if i wanted to i could use smaller pegs and therefor fit more pegs onto it but since this was just a prototype i didn’t think that was necessary. Requires no real rewiring than to add more latches when adding pegs. But as i said, It works perfectly fine without latches, although the anti breakage systems will need weld latches from at least the wheel to the door. (Anti breakage system is basically me checking if the pegs aren’t evenly placed, or move to fast.)

It’s not perfectly realistic but in the end it worked way better than i expected it.
I’ll give you a dupe if you want but it’s really nothing special.

Yearly might be a long. I’d keep it between a week and a month.

I would say About every 2 weeks, in my head a week would be to short and a month be to long!

I dunno, i like the weekly thing… That way ya gotta manage your time and make something really cool within said time limit.

The World War II contest was good back when people had gmod9. There was no prize at all.

Sweet door though.

That looks pretty good.

Just got done with a full blown vault. Has no combination code or anything but to make up for that shortcoming it is operated by 3 full gear-sets. All the first (red) gears are powered by E2 Apply Force. I am simply manually controlling the 3 processes. Lock, Slide, Hinge. I had a server crash and the dup fails 6% more then the original so I have to line up door perfect or one of the 16 lock pillars will clip and bad things happen.

First of, that is an amazing vault door, it is kinda like the fallout 3 vault door (but without that arm thing).

Nice music in the video :biggrin:.

How come your dupes or saves never work? I see all your contraptions and either you need to re-wire everything, or half the thing goes missing, and stuff like that.

I recommend that you get a prop, then rope as many things in your contraption to it as possible (and after you spawn the dupe, you delete that prop).

You probably wouldn’t need to rope all the wire chips though, because it works on all the things that are constrained to thing you roped.

Anyway, what it does is that it makes the whole thing more stable and work more like the way it worked before you saved a dupe of the contraption.

That’s some default YT Audioswap fodder. Just happened to be the right length and the least shitty I could find.

I have never heard of the “rope everything to one prop and delete it after dup” trick. I dont think that would help with this anyways. This issue is as follows

I use many many remote axis to put this together. The wheels on the 50,000 weight slide have axis. the door is attached to that slide with axis, and all the gears use axis. And the querk is when you dup something with an axis it assumes the locations of the 2 props that have the axis at the moment of dupping is correct. It does not take the sag applied from weight bending the axis into account. So when you dup it back in all your axis are lower or twisted from the start and THEN SAG SOME MORE! and if you just dupped over and over you would eventually have a puddle of contraption on the floor.

The only way to counter this is to freeze every prop with an axis IN THE CORRECT ORDER before duping. On this contraption that is difficult, tedious and in some cases impossible. First I would need to freeze basically every gear but only after every plate but only after anything axised to that gear plate previous. Then the weld latches hinder such actions. The door stops moving and weld latches so to freeze it and have it pop back to the correct axis position I would need to unweld latch everything and then proceed, again in the correct order. Then you must realize to dup it in I would need to unfreeze the mechanical props individually as 60% of the props are meant to be frozen so unfreeze all can’t be used!

So that is why dup’s fail today.

(As a test. axis a wheel to the middle of a large prop (red container). Drag the wheel toward the ground with your phys gun completely screwing up the axis… Don’t freeze anything while doing so. it may spaz a bit. But now dup your 2 props and load it. The wheel should be where you dragged it perfectly fine spinning there miles away from where you wanted it.)

That door might work to be a big ass 16 piston rotatory engine. lol

Timing would be poor.

This is why you build something, Dupe it, Paste it and try it on the new one. If you don’t touch the original you won’t have any sagging.

Dang, I was just going to post that…