Gmod shows crash message at launch

Whenever I start Gmod, there is a crash message.
I just installed Gmod and I did try the -dxlevel 8 code.
Please help.


Ah, possible cause.
If it was installed via ****steam, Facepunch is permitted to offer no help.
****steam does NOT work with gmod, as gmod requires a continual update to the system’s power.
****steam does not have a powerful connection to the computers proccessor, and so the game lags, hence crashes.
If you do not have the hax, a guide is offered below:

Ok, first open up gmod’s launch options.
Erase everything inside.
Place the following in it:
-dxlevel 80 -console -novid -windowed -32bit
windowed is done so that if the game crashes, it doesn’t take explorer.exe with it.
If the game works, and gives errors though, do the following:
go to the console, and type “condump” without the "
Paste the file on facepunch, and ill have a look at it.

Best of luck, Shadishow

If you can give us some info about, what kind of GPU (graphics card) you have, or anything that would help.