Gmod shuts down or crashes my WLan card?

Ok. So this has been happening for a while, but only until recently has it been a real problem. I love to play Garry’s Mod and as such, I play it often. I also use the wifi of my router quite constantly. But, sadly, anytime I play Gmod, it stops responding. Well, not stops responding, but it won’t show up in my wifi selection area nor can I turn it on by going into control settings. It shows up in the settings, but I cannot turn it on. It shows up as on, but my computer does not recognize it as a wlan card. Any help on this issue is much appreciated and I hope to solve this issue quickly. Also, one more thing, I can stop this problem it I plug directly into my router, but I cannot do that forever cause it angers my parents. :frowning:

Also, my specs are:
2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 DUO processor
Intel 965 Chipset Express Video Cards
Windows 7 64-BIT
80gb HDD
4gb RAM

Edit: I also forgot to mention that it is also only if I try to enter an online game (it shuts down before I can and stops at Sending Client Info), or if I play offline (usually just testing some mods and stuff, but cutting me off before I can continue).

No help? Anyone?

You have a shitty wireless card that’s not handling the load.

Its the server browser, not much you can do about it.

Try connecting using Steam server browser or connecting to the server through console without clicking the multiplayer button.