GMod shuts down when I spawn the hoverboard on Falleritus

Like the tittle says.
So when i try spawn a hoverboard on falleritus (gm_falleritus8_2008) my gmod stop respond and the game shuts down. Whats the problem?
And as always. Sorry about my 5-year old spelling skills.

What are your specs.

We need your specs :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you don’t know how, press start, click run, type dxdiag, and click ok.

It might be an issue with hoverboard

sorry…been gone for 2 days…

8G ram
Windows 7 ultiamte
HD 4850 1G
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
need more?


and it was the same on my old system
windows xp
some graphiccard with 252mb
2G ram


mod used

map used

Your system looks fine, it might just be your drivers or soemthing.

full update…