Gmod singleplayer crashing

I hope this is in the correct section.

Ok so I’ve been trying forever to fix the conflicts between my mods for along time it works and doesn’t work. I have been looking through the Minidump’s and try unsubscribing from the addons that conflict but some i just can’t find some of them. I have finally just about tried everything and gmod only crashes when i start a singleplayer/listen games. Can anyone please help?

P.s heres my latest Mdmp

What addons do you have installed? If you have PAC3, a common problem with SP it’s your autoload file, just delete it from data/pac3 and you should be fine.

I’ve had it happen many times.

(Also, I know this is kinda OT but, you’re one of the only people I’ve seen use Meta’s minidump page)

Thanks for replying and the help!

I don’t have PAC3 installed, (sorry i’m new to these forums and a noob) but what does OT mean? and is it good i use Meta’s dump?