Gmod sloooows down

I’ve got a little problem… After a few minutes of playing on any map downloaded from game slows down to 2-4 fps… please help me guys.

something wrong with your pc?

i tried reinstaling drivers.
On simple maps like Construct, flatgrass, flatsea, everithing is ok. Only bigger Map it is working is BigCity.

ALT-CTR-DEL and see whats running thats taking up all your system resources.

taking only 67% od RAM and most of it goes to GMOD

When you start up gmod open the console and type this in exactly bind q “exit” and when you load a map you MUST Press Q Like youre spawning something and it will stop lagging instantly, Works every time

i will try this. thx. <lol>
I have another question. is it normal that i have aboute 10 or more (svchost.exe - sorry, my bad) processes running?xd

If you mean svchost, then yes.

This used to happen to me all the time before I reinstalled gmod.

i reinstaled it 2 times… maybe third time will help.

PC specs PLEASE?

Reinstal Works… mayby i had to much addons. :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem like this, check your addons, one of them may be conflicting with something or may be broken. For me the problem was the basic time control beta, after removing it, my GMod ran fine again.

Lol nvm the site is blocked