Has anyone here used the " Sobel " option in post processing?
To me its really amazing it makes the game look allot like borderlands, sometimes i will just go playing in single player for a long time just enjoying the effects of sobel. I have a few screenshots if none of you have seen it yet. Also please dont flame this thread if you think this is a waste of time. You can turn the effects up or down.

I love Sobel, but it can get annoying. If you want another cool effect, enable Sobel as well as Sharpening at the same time.

It looks like a comic. Interesting effect, I’ve never actually seen it in Gmod :o

Pretty cool, although, after using it a few minutes my eyes burn O_o

Oh my god this reminds me of that old movie where everything is black and white, then at the end where the couple kiss, they scrape the black&white effect off eachother… They had green paint on their skin for that effect…

Turn it down. Try your best to make sure the lines ONLY appear on the edges.

But it was released months ago, along with the new background

Dammit man what kind of Gmod moderator are you :v:


Most mods dont play Gmod anymore, I mean, 55% of FP dont play Gmod anymore, 10% NEVER played Gmod.

And yes, sobel kicks ass, altho some people dislike it :saddowns:

OP is a filter rape lover.
Filter rape does not look good at all.
if you want borderlands go play borders lands.