Gmod Soul eater

I have recentley been gettin tonnes of new stuph 4 gmod, but evar since watching the anime/manga Soul Eater i feel as if someone should make models/ragdolls of the characters, particularily Death The Kid (mah fav)

Can someone plz do this?

Well, you might want to start with correcting your spelling and grammar.

Also, please post reference pictures with your request. Not everyone knows what Soul Eater is.

yea, lol, i misspelled on purposed to see if anyone noticed, but yea you are right

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that should do it, but i hope someone does make them

Don’t just post a link to the wiki page for it. Just post reference pictures. Not many people will take the time to research what they’re making. Also, unless there is a Soul Eater game that I am unaware of, the models will need to be made from scratch. Models made from scratch usually never get finished.

:frowning: lol yea ill post them soon

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and also there is a game or two out there, ill find em
I feel like a idiot for doing this.

Dude its fine, I would love to see some Soul Eater Ragdolls too click on this link, it will show you the models, you click on the download button and you should get them, there MMD models but I know some of these guys know how to convert them

here’s what they look like

Looks absolutely awesome but I am After Death the kid mainly with liz and patti in weapon form, but still, awesome job.

Do they take requests? I have a few MMD Models I’d like converted.

I support this :slight_smile: I love Soul Eater

it somebody where can find the model, death the kid

Mariokart64n has a pmd to smd script somewhere on his youtube.

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ok just wondering what is a mmd model and how do i get them you know gmod.

A MMD Model, or MikuMikuDance, is a fun little Animating tool for models. Be it making them dance, laugh, sing or whatever. It’s much more time consuming than using Gmod though, due to facial expressions and whatnot. To convert them to Gmod, you would probably have to change their files from PMD. Then, assuming you didn’t have all their bones registered, add them in with Blender or 3DSMax, and there you go.

I only know about MMD 'cause i use it almost all the time.

Are there Neon Genesis Evangelion MMD?

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sorry i messed up with that reply thing anyways im a noob at all that porting stuff so can you or do you know anyone that can port these for gmod for me i would love to use them for comics the or what ever is here god im a huge noob so yeah.

Soul Eater: Monotone Princess(wii game) supported by BRRES viewer, get them from that

But isnt that from JPN only? Or am I wrong?

No I think they released it in America, but there are no torrent on the internet at the moment so it’s impossible to rip from.