GMod Spawn Menu Error

If you have this error, please keep reading.

I have had this error for a while. In GMod, (which is probably my favorite game) this error message comes up whenever I try to open the spawn menu:

The instruction at “0x11cdc04d” referenced the memory at “0x0f270454”. The memory could not be “read”.

This didn’t used to happen, but just started about a week ago. This message appears, and the game closes. I am desperate to get this to stop, so does anyone else have this problem or (even better) know how to fix it?

With preemptive thanks,
Gurney Halleck

I’m pretty sure that’s it.

So, its been a while, but I fixed it. First, go to your garrysmod folder, and backup any saves, maps, addons, adv dupes, etc. that you might need. Then, Delete the entire mod folder. Yes the bigger one, not the subfolder. Restart the game, enter a map, do something, then close and exit the game. You can then put addons and things back in.

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Could you post your system specs?

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he fixxed the problom by deleting his garrysmod folder and reinstalling the addons