Gmod spawning lag

Just like the title said. here’s my spec:

Intel® Pentium ® Dual pc
E2160 @ 1.80 ghz
1.81 ghz, 2.00 GB of ram

with Nvidia Geforce 8400 512 MB.

When i spawn somethign it lag so hard and i must wait for almost 15 minutes. please help

You may be spawning something from a game you haven’t downloaded yet.

Like I could spawn something from TF2 without having it installed and it would have to download the model and material right there.

Just try spawning a normal HL2 prop

but i spawn half life 2 ragdoll

My friend has the same card, and the ram is fine. Perhaps its 1.8Ghz?

is he lag too?


Please help me


No unfortanity :emo: because gmod didnt cache best chance is to delete every trace of gmod and start again from start.
had the same cpu and ram just with a shitty 945 gpu didnt lag me

THEN THIS THREAD ENDE, oh wait its not a story

how about uninstall

I’ve already said that.

so i should delete gmod forst? ok let me try

What temps are you getting?

temps? about 3.80

Temperatures, I find it hard to believe that your CPU is running at 3.80 degrees.

please get up and go away.THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT christ if it was overheating he would smell burning silicon.

If his CPU was overheating there is quite a large chance it would cause lag in gmod. Your CPU doesn’t have to be melting for it to overheat…