GMod Splitscreen - Heck yes!

I FORGOT: enable_split true/false to enable the splitscreen! You will be able to put it in your server, players can just do that command to enable it.
It’s still alpha, please, don’t complain about it being crappy.

Head Movement


Should be everything

What is this?
This shouldn’t be hard to understand, it’s a splitscreen script. It allows you to control two players at once with the same computer by binding certain commands.
This is still alpha though, you have a moving box and a player, the box moves with certain commands and works just fine.
It will be released when I’ll get the other player model working.
I’m also not sure if I’ll manage to put the physgun or the toolgun, but I’m trying to implement normal weapons there.

The most asked question by the beta testers was “Why do we need a splitscreen in GMod?”, well, the answer is simple, to play on the same PC.
What if there’s a friend at home and you want to show him Garry’s Mod but you wanna play as well to show him how it works but he’s too dumb and he just wants to play and put sex poses with ragdolls? That’s mainly why I made this.

Just a small screenshot at the moment, but I will add a video soon.

Before trolling: Think about what you’re typing, this is just a test of splitscreen, not something pretending you to play splitscreen.

Cool, but if I remember correctly someguy found out how to make full working splitscreen by changing some configs actually

You could do a lot with this. You could do some fake rebinding in lua and make a real on-board multiplayer gamemode.

Controls are a problem though.

That’s the fun part. :v:

How will the second person look around with no mouse?

Using a joystick or keyboard command.

Just made a test with bullets and my xbox joystick, works perfectly.

Gamepad? I have one of those :3:

This would be way better with dual monitors.

Alright, made the ViewModel. Now trying to set the animations.
Then I’ll go for the PlayerModel AND THEN, custom weps ftw.

Will this work for dual monitors?

Needs to be horizontal splitscreen, and you might be able to get the lua to find the resolution, figure out the proportions and adjust the FOV automatically. I don’t code but it’s always interesting to see what people are coming up with.


Now that I think about it, since some people have multiple monitors, maybe you could choose between what I described and “I have two different monitors, display each normally”

I’d also like to know this.

Anyway, this is amazing. I’ll be sure to enjoy this with my little bro.

It’d work with dual monitors if you could force it into a screen resolution that covers both monitors, and have it on windowed mode. You’d probably need to run both monitors off the same graphics card too, rather than have 2 graphics cards with a monitor on each. It would probably hit your FPS pretty bad though.

I’m not sure about the dual monitor, but one thing is sure, this is coming up pretty well.

I will just add a tickable menu, “Horizontal/Vertical”, for those with a different screen.

As for the FOV, just tell me how much you think it should be and I will add though, part of the gun may be cut.

Try with FOV 70.

You can’t give an actual number, I don’t use the SetFov() hook but the camera position (pos + Angle:Forward()*num)

What are you talking about?

I’m saying that you can’t tell me the exact FOV number since I’m not using SetFov.

Well this is pretty cool, but I still think the controls would be a pain in the ass. Also, it would be cool if you cut off peripheral vision rather than compress the screen.