gmod Sponsor

I am just wondering if anyone wants to sponsor my game community. Your name will be advertised all over the server and donations will go 60/40 between the host and us.

Best Regards,
Luke Daniels

Message me on Steam, Look up adamcar00 and click on SkitZ. With the “ABOV3” profile picture.

Think I added you, please check.

Ill host for free if you want. Message me on steam and Ill see what I can do :slight_smile:

he’ll also steal your files for free!

What gamemode/amount of slots?

That for sure, I potentially wouldn’t mind loaning use of my vps for like 20 days or a month or so for free. But not if it’s like a 60 slot darkrp server. After that if he’s got a playerbase he should easily be able to then become an independent butterfly

I have an NFO server that I’ve removed subscription for
since I’m not sure if I want to continue hosting a server.

I can reset the NFO account to brand new and continue my subscription…

I’m an admin in this brand new group:
add me from there.

btw it’s 20 slots

Add me on Steam and we can discuss:

Tolee, if you’re wondering why I do it for free, it’s so that people who aren’t sure if they want to own a server can try one out before they buy one. I also accept donations (not required) if people are happy with my service. I do not plan to steal anyone’s files. I have enough as it is.

must i quote back to where you attempted to scam me over 12 lines of code, and then threw a hissy fit about it?

back on topic; RJ can be trusted, hes a good guy

You tried to make me pay $10 for something that didnt work…I sure scammed you…Also, my little “hissy fit” was me saying that Id rather make it myself than you keep raging because I didnt want to buy it.

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Maybe we should create a “Drama Megathread” or “Complain About/Indirectly to Other Users Megathread”

On topic:
I personally don’t see how a “sponsorship” would benefit the sponsor really. The deal you’re offering is publicity and donation money in exchange for (hosting or money)? If I had a method of hosting I would just set up my own server and use all the donation money for said server. Being a sponsor just doesn’t seem reasonable…
What would you need to advertise in GMod? A script website, another gaming community, coder, server host? Server host is what makes the most sense to advertise in exchange for hosting to me. Even then, if I joined a server and saw some company “advertised all over”, I would probably leave.

32 and still under question what gamemode to start on

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Why not just rent a server and do it yourself or do you just need help setting up a server?