Gmod Spray

How can I have my spray, spray in gmod i change the size to 256x256 and the fiel type to JPEG and it still wont upload to the image section in the gmod/multilayer, any help please?

give me the image you want to make a spray and ill do it for you

I Got it, but thanks any way.

i use this to resize all my sprays

I have had ZERO luck getting the Garry’s Mod spray-importer to work. Shit is seriously fucked when it won’t recognize VTF files…

What I’ve ended up having to do is to create the spray AND the vmt file, and then place them directly into the logos folder.

If you don’t want to muck around with creating your own VMT files, you can also use another Source game (CS:S,TF2,L4D) to import a spray in the regular fashion. Then you have to navigate to that game’s logo folder and copy both yourspray.vtf and yourspray.vmt over to your Garry’s Mod directory.

For reference, sprays are typically stored in this folder, with similar file paths for most Source games:


I really want to spray Goatse to cause a shit storm on servers, but unfortunately I can’t due to the too low pixel requirements.

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Oh crap, help the OP, just resize it in paint, or look for a lower pixel version on Google.

You need to use the targe format, .trg i think.


It works fine for me. Makes great transparency sprays.


Just use gimp. Remember to have dimensions be multiples of 2. (ie 256x256)