[GMOD] Sprint Beta

Hey Guys !

Just finished a build map for Garry’s Mod, it’s especially made for those who like to build prop cars and drive around after building them, although you can drive around with Scars, TDM cars etc !

There’s two useful commands for this map:
ent_fire shwrm_floor alpha (0-255) to change the opacity of the floor of the showroom

gm_nm_sprint_force_english (1-0) to force the signs to be in english, if it’s “0” it’ll be based on your garry’s mod language (supported langs are Portuguese and English)

Hope you like it !



Puddy & rck for the cs_agency artwork !
PTugaSantos for his awesome help !

launch one version at night

Use Atmos :v:

Atmos is amazing, works on all maps too. Excellent work on this map btw, a very suitable carconstruct replacement with an ACTUAL racetrack. Hope you put out some more!

Make sure to give credit where credit is due (Agency Assets).

Map is great! however, you have to have hdr enabled or everything is fullbright. :confused:

Thanks !

it’s still in beta, there’s enough space below the map to make more areas ! Btw I’ve added a video to the OP.

I believe the problem is, he compiled with -hdr, rather than -both(which is both HDR, and LDR), that was the case with the HL2 coast maps.

Yes there’s no reason to compile with LDR other than increasing FPS on old machines (imo tho), Compiling with only HDR can lower the BSP final size and can run on potatoes too !