gmod spyware

Hi guys, I’ve found out some very disturbing facts about popular anticheat softwares that people have been using on their servers.

I’m not talking about official software here, I’m talking about the unofficially coded addons either bought or can be downloaded to put on ones server.

I have been hearing things that these “anticheats” scan people’s computers without their permission. There is no disclaimer or agreement when you join the servers that it says that. Some anticheats are not just scanning gmod but scanning your pc! think about your personal files that you have on your machine and do you want a random teenager able to see them?

Also anticheats software goes against the spirit of gmod. anticheat software is made for games like tf2 and counter strike that require i and is put in by the developer.

On gmod you are allowed to use modules and lua scripts already and the developers haven’t stopped this, instead people are taking a sandbox game into their own hands and putting further restrictions on people who want to modify the game to their own needs. After all it is called “Garrys MOD”. There is no need for anticheats…

Another smashing point is that some anticheats are being used on servers with sv_allowcalua 1 which means lua scripts are permitted but you can be kicked/banned for attempting to use them! Also some server owners also steal the lua scripts from people’s folders against their will. truly not in the good nature of the game!!!

Some anticheats will also send information to remote servers and databases with the lua scripts attached… Very scary. What is even more scary is that innocent people are being banned by these home-made anticheats for simply making clientside modifications to the game… Aren’t we supposed and encouraged to modify the game? Garrys mod is a mod itself!

In short this isn’t some competitive game like tf2 so there’s no need for silly homemade anticheats on a SANDBOX game…

Would going through someone’s personal files with lua alone actually be possible?

Before you accuse ac’s, do more research Mr 3 posts.

if gmod was ran as an administrator then it could technically see every file right?

If you give people unrestricted access to running stuff clientside, you’re going to get some people who exploit it. While I am against servers with allowcslua 1 having an anti-cheat, many servers have it set to 0 so people can’t aimbot, wallhack, etc. As far as I know you can’t find files outside of the GMod directory by using ./ and 90% of servers using anti-cheats don’t steal files.

Many Anticheats now use modules. These are the most dangerous Anticheats. A popular Anticheat will bypass SERVER_CAN_EXCECUTE to run unbindall and other commands on people on the server, also it will upload their lua folder to the website for people to steal the scripts. The same Anticheat in which reads people’s folders OUTSIDE the root root directory …

Anticheats are not needed on gmod I want to experiment without being banned

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Anticheats use an exploit to see outside the gmod directory. Which has been reported many times but not patched for years…

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Also have people ever heard of the data protection act?

Does serverwatch have babies?

And are you an anti cheat producer/exporter?

I’m just not a retard.

If you can name the source and the AC then I’m sure me and most other people will believe you. The only AC that I heard of fucking with people was HeX’s and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work anymore.

Serverwatch, go away

Hex still works, and it is more crazy than ever recently my friend got banned from his server for no apparent reason. There are some other anticheats to watch out for Eg cake anticheat and QAC.

Also I am not serverwatch My name is hyperpower19 read the name beside the post .

You type like serverwatch, you rant like serverwatch, and you appeared shortly after serverwatch’s last Alt was banned. You are fooling nobody

Without modules being installed, you’re pretty much safe from these “anti-cheats” which only really check code you have ran in the first place. Only any type of module would allow outside access of the garrysmod directory. And even if an anticheat that was not anything like VAC or put in by the developer and had the access to all your files, I wouldn’t use it.

stop spewing your bullshit when clearly you’re ignorant in every aspect of this topic.

a. do you honestly think that anticheats can bypass the command blacklist? In order to use the modules you’re speaking of the client would need to install them themself.

b. if you want to fucking experiment with code experiment on your own fucking server.

c. all known filesystem exploits have been patched over a year ago, found a new one? REPORT IT.

d. that law only applies in the UK, which your flag indicates you’re not a part of. (or are you? serverwatch was from england, shoot yourself in the foot?)

To me it sounds like a kid who is against anti-cheats because he wants to cheat.

no its just serverwatch angry that he gets banned from darkrp servers for trying to use his pro propkill scripts :v:

Even if it got outside of your running gmod folder, it isn’t going to get outside of Steam’s running directory. Any methods to do so by overflowing Steam’s memory stack was patched years ago.

You most certainly CAN bypass the blacklist with a module WITHOUT the client having to install the module. As soon as you join a server with it they can bind you without you having to download or run anything.

Oh please. You can’t even get a player to connect to another server using serverside code only, let alone do anything malicious through concommand.