GMOD Sql question

Using this tutorial ( I’ve managed to get a stat save/load setup working.

My question now is, where can I view the saved stats? I have MySQL, but I can’t find where gmod actually stores the database so I can view it.

I think I read somewhere that you need to setup a local database using wamp/xamp so you can connect to it. But then that requires setting up your server to connect to it and actually save the data there, and not the default location.

Hopefully I don’t sound stupid.

By default gmod uses SQLite, which saves your database to the file sv.db, it’s in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder. You can open this file with LibreOffice Base. Instructions for setting it up with sqlite databases is here. I suspect you can use the Microsoft Office database manager too.

The built in library uses SQLite, not MySQL, very similar though. To view this database you need to download a SQLite browser, and you can find the database in

sv.db is the server version, cl.db is the client version.

Edit: ninja’d

You have to set-up a database configuration in your gamemode, and link it with your gamemode. sv.db is very hard to read.

can you please inform us where you are getting this mystical information

I reccomend using for editing the cl or sv .db files its simple and shows you all the query’s and u can change or append data if you want