Gmod Squares?

My Specs:

Nvidia GeForce 8500GT
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500 @2.20GHz
Windows Xp 32-bit
RAM: 3582MB

For some reason, when there’s blood, it often shows up as red squares. It may sometimes happen to other props and stuff.


More Pictures:

Was the card built before the Orange Box came out? It might be missing OB Particle effects or w/e.
Also did you update your drivers?

Yes, I’ve updated my drivers today, but it still didn’t work.

Also, this never happens in TF2 for him.


And I’m P90 the Pyro in the picture!

8500GT can handle the particle effects. That looks like a valve missing texture, as its reverted to wireframe. How odd.

I just told him to Verify HL2’s Cache, I got him to download some TF2 Blood, but it didn’t work. So I told him to delete it and Verify HL2’s Cache.

Got some more photos of my problem:

Ok, it’s fixed for him he put -dxlevel 81 in launch options. But I wonder why my old, 8400GS never did it but the 8500GT did.