Gmod SRCDS OpenAura HL2RP Not Working

I download the base GameMode and the HL2RP from OpenAura, but when I get in the game, it says that it is initializing OpenAura, but then it is done with that, it just stays at a black screen. I have a video of it, here it is.

The server’s MySQL database isn’t setup properly.

How do I set it up?

Does anyone know how to set up MySQL?

Unless the database is local you are in for a big pain in the butt!

I’m willing :slight_smile:

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I have a paid-for server, and a dev SRCDS server.

P.S. Its a server.

Firstly, who is hosting your server and who is hosting your database? is hosting

And how do I find out who is hosting my DataBase?

This should be fun… If you don’t know you don’t have one, See if you GSP will host a database for you.
P.S. you may end up like this:


Game Server Provider :slight_smile:

Do you mean like a FastDL or a FileZilla?

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They do a Web-Hosting

MySQL is a database

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Ok then they will likely allow you to create a mysql database

I don’t think my server provider has a database.

You need to contact support and ask


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Alright, I put a ticket for it.


Hm, still haven’t responded yet D:


why on earth are you using faphack

I got rid of it, its crap :slight_smile:

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Its ok.