gmod srcds server help

when i start my srcds server i get the error that says : { A2C_PRINT from : Bad challenge }.

How can i fix this?
or is there a better program to host a dictated server?

where did you download the SRCDS from?

I don’t think it’s too much of an issue TBH, I get that when I start mine up.

I get that exact error.

A2C_PRINT from :
Bad challenge.

It’s the only reason that I can’t get a server running. What the hell IS it?!

I asked the question earlier, “Where did you download it?” The best way to obtain a working gmod server setup is to go to your STEAM icon, look in tools, and download the Half Life Dedicated Server. You will need to alter the properties to set the game server launcher to be Garry’s Mod. If you have no idea what I am talking about, heres a link to a tutorial on YouTube:

My friend was able to run a gmod server with only the Create Multiplayer thing. What the shit.

i got it from the steam website.

well i try’d the TUT but now i get the same error but a small bit different:

A2C_PRINT from :
Bad challenge.

Your friend is running a listen server. Not a dedicated. He created one in game and then typed sv_lan 0 in console and forwarded ports. It has a [L] in front of it to show that it is a listen server. As soon as he exits the server, the server goes down. Not really a server…

“Bad challenge” means wrong password I’m pretty sure…

Its something with the masterservers i think.

What do you mean?

:doh: Its the valve servers for the server list that cause that i think. And there is no other program to host a dedicated server

Ya i have been running my server now for about 12 min and i have gotten no error’s all i did is change the RCON password to a mix of numbers and letters and nothing has went wrong yet. :slight_smile:


new problem when i try and enter my server my gmod just closes out.

Whats wrong?


do any buddy no what this error means:
could not allocate any server IP port.