Gmod SRV Idea/Request

I’ve been looking into DNS and networking with games such as Minecraft and noticed that they do have SRV capability.
I think Garry’s Mod would really benefit from this because it would mitigate DDoS attacks if somebody would patch the packets through CloudFlare and they would take care of rerouting the malicious traffic.
It would also hide the real IP addresses of servers which would essentially prevent DDoS.

Minecraft and TeamSpeak have had these features for quite a while now and it seems like it’s due to be introduced in Garry’s Mod.

I’ve been trying to incorporate CloudFlare into Gmod for a while now without any luck and I know quite a few people who have the constant DDoS issue because they can’t afford industry-level protection.

People can literally go to a site like ipstre****.com and take a server down without even having any experience; it’s just three clicks away.

get a decent host? or use a GRE tunnel to accomplish exactly what you’re describing.

I don’t think this would allow you to connect to Garry’s Mod servers via CloudFlare’s servers. SRV records exist just to allow a domain to be able to represent both an IP address and a port number for an application?

Sounds great! Thanks for your help!