Gmod Stargate "Donno Why i cant get this to work"

ok, my problem is simple i downloaded the whole file with svn and export to garrysmod/garrysmod
when im done with that it looks like evrything is ok, the background and the sound is there when i start up gmod but, when i get ingame, singleplayer (because there are no server i can find that have stargate mod) or the “Start own server” it isnt there… what am i doeing wrong, when i get in game some lua errors pop-up:

Couldn’t include file ‘weapons/gmod_tool/stargate_base_tool.lua’ (File not found)
weapons\gmod_tool\stools/hatak_weapon.lua:57: attempt to index field ‘Entity’ (a nil value)
entities\ori_ring_base\shared.lua:1: attempt to index global ‘StarGate’ (a nil value)
Folder = entities/ori_ring_base
Draw = function: 03C1AF08
Initialize = function: 03C1B298
Couldn’t register Scripted Entity ori_ring_base - the Type field is empty!
entities\staff_weapon_hatak\shared.lua:1: attempt to index global ‘StarGate’ (a nil value)

this is all the errors that actually pop-up on the HUD, when i start (you know in the Right top corner)
and i also dont see any ““Stargate”” Tab in the Q-menu nor can i use any of the props, but a few weapons i can use.

well, ive been struggeling with this for a long time now and i thoght it whould be easyer to make a post then constantly searching google for answers…
It cant be my pc can it?-
PC: Specs-
Quad Core Prosessor 1.6 Ghz per.
Nvidia Gforce Gainward (not sure of number)
Windows Vista 64bit-


You installed one of the Stargate Extras packs, not Stargate.

well, ive now just noticed that and i cant find “the Whole” Stargate pack… ive tried evrything but all the links are down anyone got a link or could send me the whole file on msn, skype or mail?



ok, well im almost there but the gate itself and the dailer is still “error” ALMOST there just need a little push from someone!


DDD: soo close but still soo farrrrr.


okok, i see alot of stuff but the main thing missing is the “iris” “Gate” and “dailer”


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