Gmod starts then crashes the whole computer

Processor: 2.25 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64
RAM: 1.5GB
Graphics Card: RADEON X800 PRO/GTO
Operating System: Window XP

The problem is that I start Gmod, it goes to the loading screen with the black loading thing in the corner then it gets stuck and I can’t do anything on the computer at all, so I have to restart the computer.

Now I’ve have tried un-installing and reinstalling several times (Making sure all add-ons are gone) to no avail. I’ve even sent an email to the support address but after a month with no reply I decided to post my problem on here.

What makes this odd though is I can successfully run it on a laptop of mine, not built for running games, yet the computer that has successfully run on for 2 years now fails.

And before you ask, yes it is a genuine copy I bought on Steam along with TF2

Thanks to anyone who helps me out.

How long have you left it ‘loading’ for ? sometimes it cant take a LONG time to startup (fragmented files, incomplete files, extracting stuff from the gcf … that kinda stuff) Try leaving it for 30 mins or something.

Other than that…

I would suggest validating, and playing tf2 at least once. If that starts up and works fine, then gmod should too. If gmod still fails, then you may be missing something, and should delete the gmod folder, and the gcf if it continues to find nothing wrong with its validation check.

I had the same problem. Go to your library and right click garrys mod, then go to propertys. Click set launch settings and paste this

-dxlevel 80
This forces your graphics card into DirectX 8, i have no idea how this fixes it but it did for me.

Well forces the game to use directX 8, but yeah, that should work.
(that being said, it will looks REALLY bad, and a few addons will work… but not quite right, the stargate mod for example)

Have you tried updating your drivers? I’ve had driver errors before.

In steam right click the game, select properties, select set launch options, type in ‘-sw’ (no quotes) and click ok. Run the game now
It will start in a window, and this should prevent it from crashing the whole computer.

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The FAQ says to use 81, i don’t think 8.0 is supported.

Ok guys just to let you know I have tried using both -sw and -windowed and it still crashes the entire computer.

Now I have also validated the Garry’s Mod files both before and after removing local content several times, all of which does nothing. I also used -dxlevel 81 and that still has no effect, but since it ran before on this computer on dx9 I don’t see it being a problem with that. I have also left it for half an hour and I still have no results.

I think this might be your problem.

The x800 pro should run it… I’ve had gmod run on an ATI 9000 AGP card about 8 months ago on an old style AMD athlon xp 2.4. Crashed once every few days but that wasn’t freezing… More like crashing to desktop.

He could try updating DirectX and pretty much skinning it to it’s default order.(Removing all custom content) then try running it with the command line -dxlevel81 -autoconfig . If the same error occurs it could be hardware fault and/ or software faults.

Well you clearly didn’t read the part where I’ve had it running on here before fine and dandy for 2 years.

I’m not sure what you mean by removing custom content, you mean on the DirectX or Garry’smod? If Garrysmod, I’ve already removed it ect. If DirectX how would I go around doing that.

As for updating it, I got an installer from the windows website for Direct X set it to install and it told me I was up to date. Now I’m gonna try your -dxlevel81 -autoconfig idea to see if it works, I’ll update this post with what happens.

Custom Content means addons, and anything else you added to it.

Well yeah I got rid of all that when I did my uninstalls and reinstalls, hell I just deleated everything to do with garry’s mod at one point then redownloaded everything.