GMod Startup Crash

Some of you are probably sick to death of reading about startup errors in Garry’s Mod, and I apologize.

I’m trying to start the game, and it shows the initial background with the little Loading… thing in the lower right-hand corner, but after some time, the game crashes. It then shows me this error box saying that hl2.exe has encountered a problem. Since I’m running on Windows 7, I’m not given the liberty of knowing just what to do, and I don’t know my computer specs.

Also, I’m tired of reading about this uninstallation crap on other threads. Give me a solution that doesn’t run the risk of wiping out a buttload of addons that I spent valuable time getting my cursor on.

You could use speccy for your specs. (Download)
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Speccy File

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Some people suggest putting -dxlevel 81 in the settings, whom is done by going into your library and right clicking on the game, select Properties, and open ‘Set Launch options…’

What the…

It didn’t work!?

Instead of being so negative to uninstallation, try it. You can save your addons by just copying them to your desktop. Or, you can try some cookie-cutter responses, like Verifying the integrity of the game cache, or defragmenting the cache files (both of which can be done by going to Properties, then to Local files).

Hm… It’s a gig+ of stuff, but if it’ll work, it’ll work.
Also, I’ve tried cache verification, and I keep getting this message about the Steam servers being too busy. On another note, I’ve seen the defrag thing, and it reads 0% fragmentation.