gmod: steam vac could not connect to the server crash

hello someone please help me, whenever i go into a gmod server, usually after like 20 minutes of play, i get kicked for the steam vac servers could not connect. Then when i try to go back in it usually kicks me within 5 minutes of play for the same reason. i have tried restarting steam reinstalling gmod and restarting my router, this also happens to me in team fortress 2 and counter strike source. i am not vac banned and my vac status is in good standing if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. also it disconnects me completely from steam, my friends say i always go offline when this happens

Sign out from steam chat and rejoin the server. That worked for me.

i will try it when i get home im fuckin starving haha

nope diddent work lol

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fuck i hate steam vac they needa pull there head out of there ass

anyone else know of anything else i can do?

This might work, it sometimes does. Try to remove “clientregistry.blob”. I heard some rare cases where the VAC issue was fixed after this.

thanks jack i will try this!