Gmod Steampipe Update Thread

For the average person needing some quick answers, hopefully this thread can provide a few.

[h2]The Game you’re trying to play is using a newer / older version of the game you’re running[/h2]
If it says the server is older, it needs updating. If it says newer, you need to update.

**What is Steampipe?
Steampipe is a system that allows developers (or publishers) to push an update through Steam without having to push it through Valve first, who would then (eventually) push it out globally. This means that should any game-breaking bugs suddenly arise in the game, Garry now has the power to roll back or push out a fix near-instantly. Another upside is the way the game mounts content, it actually makes launching of the game and other things slightly faster.

**Okay, so how do I get this “Steampipe” version?

**Launch the game and it’ll ask to convert the content. Please make sure you back up any critical content as the transition may not be smooth.
Should you not be getting this question, then validate your game content instead. It should start downloading all the files.

**From a dedicated server standpoint, what does this mean?
You no longer use hldsupdatertool to grab your files, instead you use SteamCMD. Make sure you run SteamCMD at least once normally before you use it.
​hldsupdater tool is now defunct and can be ignored.
What is the ID for the Garrysmod Dedicated Server files?

**I have a server and content like CSS is no longer being mounted!
Due to the way the Steampipe works, mounting now has to be explicitly stated in a file. For GSP’s this is great because you can have a basic install in one location instead of having to ship the cstrike / tf / ep2 content with every server. For more informatipn -
I’ve updated my server, yet it still says out of date?
The base file path to the dedicated server has now changed. Previously it would be something like X:/MyServer/Path/Orangebox/Garrysmod. Instead it’s now just X:/MyServer/Path/Garrysmod. Effectively it’s climbed up a tree directory-wise.

What happens to .GCF Files?

Totally unusable. There has been mention of Garrysmod getting its own version of Hammer and so on, but whether or not these will appear, no one knows.

**Mounting content like EP1 / EP2 on dedicated servers

**My dedicated server didn’t move my files for me?
The dedicated server won’t perform any moving or transitioning of files. You must manually move them.

**How can I tell if my version is Steampipe in game?

**Look in the top right corner, if it says 165 (or above), that’s Steampipe.
X (usually CSS) content isn’t working in the game!

**Launch the game, make sure it’s running on Steampipe and also ensure it’s mounted in your Garrysmod by pressing the

button in the main menu.

Hmm. When I launch Garry’s Mod, I can only see, like, 10 servers. Is this an issue on my end or have owners just not updated stuff?

Unless I missed it, I don’t think I saw my game ask to convert.

It’s still being pushed through the system. Try restarting steam first.

I don’t understand why you have to convert all of your content before you can even play the game. It seems like a big waste of time. Half the time, something goes wrong and ends up corrupting everything.

Because the filesystem behind Steampipe has changed from what we used to use. For the most part it fixes many issues (such as the validate Gmod first time launching) and so on. At worst you lose some content from what I’ve seen.

I have indeed noticed the loss of content. I have to say that not having to validate the game is a great thing.

I must’ve accidentally clicked the “ignore” option on the window that comes up asking if I would like to switch. It doesn’t appear anymore and the server list only has 8-10 servers up with 3 players.

Is there any way to manually switch over without having to accept that window?

Validate game content.

Has this hit yet, bit confusing as I can still join non steam pipe servers and my client won’t update.

It has indeed hit. Try validating your content.

I would also like to point out that some server owners are having trouble setting up their server, some like myself haven’t even updated yet.

I’ve 9 people on teamspeak, none are seeing the update.

While I’m sure it will hit if I validate, the point is your average player isn’t going to do this so updating the servers and having half the gmod community running 164 the other 165 isn’t a great situation.

I’m presuming that a switch hasn’t been flicked somewhere, as some I’ve talked to have had the questions, others haven’t.

It actually asks you if you want to switch or not?

How could I have missed something like that?

Not asked me, least not that I saw.

I’m updating one of my servers now, I’ll update the others once the switch has been flicked.

If you have seen it on other games it does actually say that it says something more like “Steam needs to convert your game files for XYZ to a more efficient format, would you like to do this now?”

I closed the game and just waited then an update started so we shall see.

EDIT #2:
**In the case of garrysmod it doesn’t do the little popup, its like a generic update only there is a stage at the end of the download where it says “installing”

I have seen that before, I was just implying that it actually asks you yes or no if you want to convert your content ever again.

I’m going to test updating on our debug servers before pushing this to live servers.

I was only able to get GMod to start updating on my Steam account by forcing validation. Most people aren’t going to be doing that.

I don’t think its that I just think in general its a bit slow on the uptake… Mine just did it after I left it for a bit.

That’s another thing I have noticed, it always takes such a long time.

My computer isn’t the best of computers though anyway, and I would prefer a SSD over an HDD any day of the year.