Gmod Steampipe Update Thread

You can set the beta on ep2/1 to download the steampipe version,

I don’t know if its me but after the update my Server List options seem a bit broken.

Internet - Has No servers on it.
History - Seems to have many if not all the servers on it.
Favorites - Has servers on it.
Refresh Listings - Seems to update my servers listed in history or favorites.
Legacy Browser - Doesn’t seem to open or do anything.

I would give it some time for servers to come back online.

I’m aware of that, was just wondering why the legacy browser didn’t/doesn’t open at all and why I can’t get anything at all on Internet but stuff on history and favorites.

**/ Ye thanks, just read that **

Legacy browser is broken. Garry didn’t fix it for the update.

It won’t work. The 0x1 state after job thing. How to fix?

Steam>login anonymous

Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Success.

Steam>force_install_dir c:\gmodserver\

Steam>app_update 4020 validate

is what I did. But now, it thinks I have no internet even though it perfectly fine connects to steam and any website. -_- Why would steam switch to something so UNSTABLE??? And especially garry D:

…Anyone? :frowning:

Started the game but didn’t ask me to converte the game. Also can’t play the game because when I click Start game it frozes.

I also have the issue Pantho has.

Cannot connect any server , include my ser
All tell me

Try this, it’s one of my servers that never gets any players on so figured I’d use it as the test server for steampipe updates:

I’ve connected to it fine using my steampipe client. However I’m not updating my other servers until clients are forced or at least asked if they want to update to the new system.

You must have just updated your game. That’s why you can’t connect.

It’s pretty self explanatory…

-snip, thanks garry-

The reason so many servers are not online yet might be because all the companies hosting game servers have to change the way that the costumers update their servers.
Clicking the ‘‘Steam Update’’ button on the client control panel of the server host’s website will only bring up the hlds-updatetool unless the server host has changed it.
So when the game server hosts update their software for gmod server handling, a lot more of the servers will be up.
When I contacted live support of the company hosting my server they were not aware that GMod had ported to Steam Pipe and SteamCMD yet.

The servers that are already up are probably the ones that are private hosted dedicated servers. Where the sys admin can do what he wants without being restricted to control panels and ftp.

I have to agree. So many people don’t know about SteamCMD yet, where there are still a ton of them still trying to update with hldsupdatetool.

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Eh, got another issue. I can’t seem to get to the Legacy Browser. Everytime I click on it nothing happens, nor can I access the developers console. Any help?

Servers are not online because there are issues with the SteamPipe update that need to be addressed.


Legacy browser is currently not working.

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