Gmod Steampipe Update Thread


The steampipe version still isn’t in my area it seems. I’ve restarted and verified my cache to no avail.

I don’t quite follow?

When you install the new Steampipe server, the entire directory tree is moved, so you end up two copies of a server. The new one is based in xlocation/garrysmod whereas the old one would be xlocation/orangebox/garrysmod.

Anything critical and of use to you (gamemodes, content etc) should be placed in the xlocation/garrysmod directory.

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If you launch GMod, upper right corner, what is the number?


Because you have to move the files manually.

165, aren’t steampipe games supposed to be in the common folder? Because it’s not.

For GMod, apparently not. 165 is Steampipe.

It appears to be because the conversion process failed somehow.

I uninstalled Garry’s Mod, deleted old <username>/garrysmod folder, then reinstalled Garry’s Mod and it installed to common/GarrysMod

Has anyone actually got Counter Strike Source to actually mount? I have tried multiple methods and it won’t work.

Client or server?

I’m not sure I understand this new game mounting system. I followed the directions to mount Day of Defeat Source content, but when I try to change my server to a DoD map, it says the map is not found.

-snip- I’m a dumbass

OK Guys, I got it working, but how do I actually START the server? Where people can join it?

I just got a 2GB gmod update. Is that to do with this?


So, a bunch of TTT servers have errors everywhere, mine included. We tried mounting CSS and stuff but no use, there’s still purple and black.

Now, is this an issue with the mounting or because we haven’t restarted our server since messing around with stuff? (only map change, which is usually enough for stuff to changed okay)

Thanks, very useful as I was confused about what this was and what it meant for the future of Gmod, glad to have it on board thanks to this post. +1

Ensure you have CSS mounted on your client as well. Having issues with the server mounting it won’t procure the purple / black issue, only on the client.