Gmod (still) doesn't want to start

So… on my last post i didn’t get any reply’s

so i’ll ask it again…

everytime, i start gmod i get the blue screen with the little loading on the right hand side…
it stops loading right after that and just outright crashes

i’ve seen a video about it saying that after removing iobit malware protector gmod works again
this doesn’t however work for me (since i never used iobit malware protector)

i’m using a windows 7 (64 bit) ultimate computer with two screens (not sure if my second screen is messing things up)
other hl2 games work fine.

it used to work a long time ago on the same pc, but i stopped using it for a while and now i have this problem

my only av is comodo

i’ve dried using various launch options without luck

checking steam case doesn’t have much success either

i got a crash report but i’m not sure if/how i could send it to garry and if he could help me… (since he got better things to do i guess)

so if you know something that might be the answer please help, cause i’m really want to play gmod again

i have the same problem, but only if i try to set it up on my desktop, it works fine on other computers… i wish there was a fix already but nothing i’ve tried from google has worked either good luck man.

Have you tried disabling comodo to see if that helps? Also, instead of making a new thread, you know you can bump your old one?

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i’ve decided to make a new one cause the old one was rather annoying to read, also disabling comodo doesn’t help (tried putting it into gaming mode and fully close it by shutting down the program in taskmgr)



The same thing happened to my mac it says AppFramework : Unable to load module /Users/katielarson(My macs name)/common/GarrysMod/bin/filesystem_stdio.dylib. and i have no idea what that means please help. (Also i bought the full and actual game for $10.00 U.S dollars on Steam.)


gonna bump this again, i’ve given up slightly last time, buuuut i wanna play gmod again, any ideas?

Ensure graphics drivers are up to date, and make sure there are no programs running in the background that might cause problems. If you really want to play it again and none of these options work, you’re best to try reinstalling windows

done and done, when i start running gmod nothing aside from steam.exe is running and nvidia drivers automatically update

I’d say backup any important stuff and do a clean reinstall of Windows

that was my thought, the only ‘problem’ is is that i have nothing to backup to =I if i had a extra hard drive i’d already done it… its just weird that it suddenly stopped working

Well depending on how much stuff you want to back up, if you just need a few small things you could by a memory stick. Otherwise a small external hard drive, or CD/DVD shouldn’t cost much

need to backup around 200gb of data actually ^_^" so i’ll just do some random jobs, to get a 2 or 4 tb sata drive for my computer and dump it all over there…

my plan atm is basically add a new hdd Backup the entire E drive (the drive i work off, it contains minecraft worlds, videos, pictures, software etc) make a list of the software i use, format all drives except the backup one, re install windows on my ssd (shouldn’t take too long), install steam w gmod, and slowly re install each software one at a time and regularly check if gmod still works if it stops on one program i scrap it from my list and start over again… but first things first… a new hard drive… santa? puppy eyes