gmod stole my steam acount??

ok my english is bad im danish u dont blame me, u must go learn danish if u blame me

i got gmod with hl2dm about 5 week ago
today i play with my friend on my server i make when i click create multiplayer
we make poses with gman
but then some1 joined and said something lololol i have ur steam account now blame garry 4 not fixing gmod
i got kick that my account is use in another location

how do i get my account back???


Contact steam support

ok how i do??
i need they email??

I think it was

ok ty man i email they now

Also, the guy that stole your account maybe already knew your password, and just blames Garry’s Mod.

no man i never give my pass

Were you only kicked from the server? Or can you not log in at all now? Last time I checked there were no exploits that could get a clients password.

i kick from server and cant log in after he say that
i email steam support

Your account is probably fine then, it was probably a kid who thinks kicking people for that reason is cool. Can you launch games from your account? E-mail support just to be safe I guess

but i cant login steam!!!

Just email steam support, be sure to use readable English.

Someone found a dangerous exploit which affects listen server hosters, as it uploads them a program which decodes their ClientRegistry.blob. This exploit is very dangerous.

Soon as one exploit dies another one springs up. God damn.

It’d be nice if Steam showed you an absolutely readonly list of IPs that had logged into the account. There’s probably a massive flaw to the suggestion but whatever.

All of this stuff is source-side is it?

Yeah, but no other source games (really) use listen servers.

The exploit was never fixed. They only fixed the original method which was provided in the PoC.

Pretty sure it’s patched now. I’m going to test it out now.

Edit: Definitely fixed.

Contact steam support, if you can provide a serial key to one of the games then that’s one easy way of providing evidence for them, they will also ask for the last three digits on your card aswell. Worked for me anyways. Good luck!

According to Luigi (aluigi), “from the 29 Sep 2009 Steam no longer saves the full password”.