Gmod stopped mounting CS:S

Mounting cstrike.. SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 240 - (dependency 5 (242))
	 SteamMountFilesystem(3884,242,0x1393fd28=,0x1393fc18) failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are available

And that’s what console says

I have this same problem

Mounting hl2.. OK
Mounting ep2.. OK
Mounting tf.. OK
Mounting cstrike.. SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 240 - (dependency 5 (242))
	 SteamMountFilesystem(828,242,0x17fbfd58=,0x17fbfc48) failed with error 116: Cache needs repair
Mounting dod.. OK
Mounting episodic.. OK
Mounting hl2mp.. OK
Mounting portal.. OK
Mounting lostcoast.. Disabled
Mounting hl1.. Not Mounting hl1 (no access)
No permission
Mounting hl1mp.. Not Mounting hl1mp (no access)
No permission
Mounting zeno_clash.. Not Mounting zeno_clash (no access)
No permission

I think this is related to that update for CSS today - i went on my usual TTT server and asked others if they had this problem, they did, and said that was most likely the cause

Is all because CS:S has been un-beta’d and valve rolled out the new update. I’ll see what I can find.

That is exactly how mine looks like too :v:

now to get some solution…


double ninjad

Glad I’m not the only one.

Experiencing the same problem. :expressionless:

Stop stressing, its likely a simple fix for garry.

Who is stressing?

Simple fix it may be, but since a fair few gamemodes require CS:S for certain functions, server operators have a reason to be vexed as well, and I doubt we’d see anything until friday, when the next update is scheduled.

Many servers have maps requiring CS:S though.

That too. Once my internet stops being retarded and downloads at a speed above 44.1kbps and it fully updates, I’ll see if I can find some kind of fix.

So a few mappers gotta re-map? Nothing serious then. Just a few re-textures, and prop replacing most likely. If anything it will wake up the sleeping giant.

No one will change the rp_downtown_v2 textures…

Not to mention, Sassilization Bhop or Deathrun basically uses all CS:S textured maps.

I doubt anything will need remapping, just the mounts have to be changed somewhat.

Hopefully we find a fix?

TTT is broken, I’m free!

Somewhat off topic, but is anyone elses steam download rates really fucking slow? like, 17.6 kbps slow. :smith:

I hope now after fix CS:S, L4D1\2 will appear in the list

try changing your download location. could be loads of people are reinstalling CSS or buying it for mac, so the steam servers could be very busy.

in steam>settings>downloads, set your location to somewhere most people would currently be asleep, or just somewhere obscure.

f’example, im downloading from malaysia. 200kbs+, whereas before i was getting 40ish