GMOD Stranded modifications

Hello, I started this thread for any one that is interested in posting their scripts, add-ons or any modifications that they have done to their Stranded server, also please feel free to post any advice that may help others.

I was shown where to edit the water and food timer.
If any one is interested.



lines 1790 - 1793

Here, as I promised…

Don’t worry, I had permission from ja_cop to post this. This is our modified version of stranded. Fixed a lot of little bugs and added some new things, including:

o Combine boxes of the same resources by touching the boxes together
o Many commands are accessible via chat, !sleep; !drop <resource> <amount>; !wakeup
o Sleeping while on a bed or couch will increase the speed you refill your sleep meter.
o 2 new resource types (Plastic and Glass)
o New spawn menus
o Changed the way resources are displayed on the boxes.
+ Added eating cooked food now restores health
+ Added new recipees to Furnace (Smelting stone into iron)
+ Added new Structure (Grinding Stone)
+ Added recipees to Grinding Stone (crushing stone into sand)
+ Added new structure (Water Fountain)
+ Added new tool under workbench (Spoon)
+ Added support for rope tool requiring rope resource.
o Fixed Water Bottles (they now restore a set amount of thirst)
o Fixed Sleep bug (sleeping under shelter after sleeping in the open no longer hurts you.)
o Added Master Survivalist unlock (200 hp)
o Melons and Trees grown are now owned by world
o Added a few new bed/couch models to the beds list
o Expert Farmer works now (2 to 3 melons per plant)

This is NOT the version that I have up on my servers now. That is ‘SGStranded’ which is even more modified and requires lots of things that I have personally (such as an SQL database, Star gates, etc). If there are features from my server that isn’t in this pack, feel free to ask me and I might help you out.

Hope this makes you guys a little happier =)

Also, if you use this, maybe a little credit for some of the fixes would be nice… but not required.

Thank you Mr President this is way more then what I was looking to get, but it is much appreciated. To show my appreciation I own a 10 man server hosted by I would be more then happy to give you full access to this server to combine it with your community. This is my first GMOD server I have put up, and it has been quit a learning experience. I would love to combine are resources. Being new I don’t have much resources to offer except my server to share. If you are up for the offer just let me know. Thanks again.

I appreciate the offer, but I’m finding it just manageable to run the 3 servers we have at the moment.

I have applied your mod to my server however when trying to spawn a grinding stone everyone gets an error.

Grinding stone uses a model from Episode 2. If you want to change the model just go into combinations.lua and change the model for it.

The new update breaks this.

Oh yay! Now another update breaking stranded… :frowning:

EDIT: And anyone know why the main stranded thread get locked?

It became too large, happened to the Stargate thread too.

Here is a fix for stranded. Sorry, but I am not going to give you a download, you’ll have to do this yourself. :wink:

The new GMod update changes the way GetClass() functions, it now returns lower case ALL THE TIME. What you need to do is go in to EVERY SINGLE lua file in the gamemode folder and search for places where an entity class name is used and change it to lower case. (examples:)

GMS_ResourceDrop —> gms_resourcedrop
GMS_Seed —> gms_seed
GMS_Food —> gms_food
GMS_Buildsite —> gms_buildsite

What you can do is run a search (ctrl + f) and search for “GMS_” and click match case. This will show you where all of these are and you can change them easily.

Make sure you don’t change anything except the class names. Some of the variables used by stranded are GMS_VariableName or GMS_ConsoleCommand… those types of things need to stay how they are. Only change the entity names.

To get a list of the entities you need to find and change, check out garrysmod/gamemodes/GMStranded/entities/entities in this folder are a bunch of other folders. Those folders are the names of the entities.

Happy fixing!! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work, tried it on my server files then on a brand new upload of stranded from Niether if them work, Only changed the GMS_ to gms_ for the entities.

Not just the GMS_, you have to change the entire entity name.

(I.E. - GMS_ResourceDrop to gms_resourcedrop)

It works… trust me.

Oh I’m an idiot lol. I never noticed the entitie names had capitals in it.

This first 15 entries in the GMS.RockModels list are not mineable in game, anyone else have this problem?

I notice this when I try to mine the rocks in the cave on atoll 2008, and those rocks are the second one in the list, but they will not work.

Can’t find any GMS problems… I’ll sweep through another time

Anyone have problems with not being able to pick up resources or diving underwater makes your whole screen go pink checkerboard.
Also how do you make it so people can’t lift up rocks and trees and planted stuff?

Needs to be another GMS thread…

Also, sometimes you are unable to use Workbenches and things. You try to make something and a message comes up “You need to be closer to a workbench” or something like that…

Yes if you would actually READ you would find someone posted how to fix it.

Here is a fixed version to download that I did my self. This version of stranded is G4P GMStranded.
Also the water and sleep consumption has been modified to be less.

Well Spiderclaw this is a great addon to the one mrp already posted I have it on my server and its AwSoMeO I love it and I recommend it to everyone.

ps. not smart enough for the smartness meter =P

Hey Mr. President there are a few things I would like to still fix, if you can point me in the right direction. The first thing would be, we can not pick up the melon’s off of the bushes with the Phys’s gun. The second thing would be, we can not see any of the icon’s on the dropped resources that are sitting on the ground. We can see the crate and read the lettering but we do not see the icon. I would like to fix these problems, but I do not know where to look or what to do.

The thing is… these aren’t problems… Those are features we added to the game.

We took out the resource icons and redid the way they displayed completely.
We made it to where players couldn’t remove the melons from the bushes, this was one of the MANY things we changed that helps fight the dreaded ‘reliable snapshot overflow’ menace.

But, if you insist on changing them back, you need to edit the Seed/init.lua file and remove the line under where it spawns the melons that makes them owned by the world.

As for the display one, I didn’t do that one myself, TehBigA did it, so I don’t recall exactly where the code is or how to change it back.

Thank you for the information. I didn’t know about the melon’s being part of the’ reliable snapshot overflow’ menace, I will leave that alone. Also we are still having a problem with resource crate stacking, can you tell me where to look so I can look into that please. Thanks again for all the help.