GMOD stuck beofre "sending client info"

When I join a server on Gmod, the game will freeze-up on the last download, before sending client info.
I run win 8
I have verified game files, defragged, and restarted my computer.

how long did you wait before you aborted the connection?

It’s because GMod doesn’t have multithreading on loading screens, that’s normal.

I have to close Gmod with task manager, and I have wait 15+ minutes.

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Is there a fix for that?

Ok, so what’s your connection speed?

18 mbps download
2 mbps up

And you have to wait 15 minutes?
Okay, something doesn’t seem right.

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Try connecting to a server that doesn’t have many downloads

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better yet, no downloads

I have the same problem with servers that have a small amount of downloads, and I can’t find a server with no downloads

Well that’s weird
usually it just lingers on that stage for 5 minutes at the most

Personally I would connect to a server and leave it as is for an extended period of time but I imagine that you came here for a definite solution, not some whimsical, "What if I do this… :v " kind of thing
hopefully someone who knows a bit more about this will help you because I’m out of ideas :confused:

  1. Why?
  2. There’s your problem.

Really REALLY stupid of you, what does that have to do with the operating system?
I’m running Windows 8 too and i can say it works just fine (and even better than on Win 7)

It’s not stupid, Win8 is crap.

Don’t believe me? Ask Gabe Newell. It’s so bad it made them look back at implementing Steam and source engine client on Linux, which they’ve now done.

please stop talking out of your ass.

I fail to see how the operating system coming with a “store” (which is why valve dislikes it, since it discourages stuff like steam) would affect Garry’s mod in any way whatsoever. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you should shove your opinion down other people’s throats.

It’s windows 7 with a built-in store and a new interface.

No, he’s right. Even microsoft admit it was shit.

I personally dont like Windows 8, but its only because their attempts to make a laptop into a tablet.
But, it is an innovative operating system and many people do actually like it :slight_smile:

Hey, at least its not a mac :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, this isn’t about whether Win8 sucks, it’s about helping the guy out.

@OP, Try (temporarily) getting rid of all your addons and mounted games.

Its normal. I Play darkrp if i reinstall my gmod and subscribed to all my addons much servers needs long sending client info because it loads all clientside lua files could be over 2k lua files that goes into the cache. there is no option to reduce the clientsided lua files.

If someone know how to make the clientsided lua files loading faster pls tell me :slight_smile: