Gmod SVN?

I saw a while ago about a Gmod SVN for beta testing…

Is it still up?

Wouldn’t that be illegal?

Look in the Fretta thread in the lua section. Should be the SVN URL there soemwhere.

Argh Fretta. that where i got this crummy Gman thing i think.

Fretta is a gamemode base made by garry.

Ok then. the one i was on had like 15 gamemodes and stuff?
i had never been on one before and…

nevermind offtopic.

But couldnt someone use te SVN to get GMOD for free?

you need HL2 bought, but I believe so.

Yea I found it guys, you need the base Garry’s Mod content for it to work though, so no, it’s not a free way to get Gmod ^^

It just gives you the guts, not the program and HL2 content and such.