GMod SWEP ideas

I’m thinking about doing a little side-project just for fun. I want to create a pack of ‘epic’ SWEPs (read: spectacular and destructive). Just need a few more ideas. That’s why I made this thread. If you have an idea for a mind blowing SWEP (doesn’t have to be original, as long as it’s cool) post it here.


  • Must be entirely unrealistic

I noticed that some anime series are a great source of inspiration.

Any plasmid from Bioshock.

Been done before and they’re not that epic as what I’m aiming for.

A dart gun?

You could use these models:


I’m all ready working on that, just fixing a few bugs and waiting for the weapon model. It does shoot those darts though.

Sweet. Can I see it afterwards?

Sure, if BigBoom ever uploads the weapon models. I requested the model hexes here: , now I’m just waiting to get them. Then I’ll perfect them and probably release.

Napalm would be awesome, but simple. Just make the explosion radius high, catch things on fire, and don’t extinguish until death.

I agree, but setting things on fire crashes my computer. :0

*Don’t copy my idea people. There’s someone out there probably gonna steal this great epic idea.

Shotgun revolver.

OK, I want a Pac-Man SWEP.
And a Dig Dug SWEP.

Bicycle pump that inflates people until they explode. :smiley:

I have to agree, A dart gun would be the best.

I’d like to inform you guys, I took up the dart gun hexing and just sent the models to Alan Ninja!!

Yeah, thanks for that. I’ll download it later and I’ll probably be able to release by next weekend. I just have to work out some bugs.

You play NES? They should make a Yo-Yo weapon.
(Remember Star Tropics?)

Actually, I had a Gameboy game with a set of classic games, Dig Dug was one of them. It also had Galaga and Pole Position. A yo-yo would be awesome, even if it didn’t do anything, but no I don’t remember Star Tropics.

Ah. Dang. I still have one of the old NES’s. Ok anyway, What about my SHOOP DA WHOOP gun idea people?

Hm, how bout a swep using Dismemberment mod 1.9 that causes an npc to implode?