Gmod SWEP Sound Problem with Automatic Weapons

Hello all,
This is an issue that has plagued Gmod for quite some time and it is exceptionally annoying to say the least. The issue is that when you fire an automatic weapon continuously in Gmod, the firing sounds are inconsistent; they cut out and interrupt each other randomly and it just sounds really messy and very unpleasant to fire weapons on automatic.This issue happens practically in all Gmod SWEP packs but what I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t happen to the default half life 2 weapons such as the ar2 and smg; their firing sounds are nice an consistent. It also doesn’t happen with the weapons in CSS, however it happens with CSS weapon packs for Gmod. I have tried fiddling with the sound scripts, messing around with sound channels, creating sound tables and editing the shared.lua for the SWEPS, but to no avail.

Is there a fix for this problem?, because I hate using automatic weapons because of this issue. They just sound really bad.

NOTE: I only ever play Gmod singleplayer so it can’t be issues regarding multiplayer.

Cannot confirm on dev branch.

Retested to be sure on single player AND dedicated server and the issue does not exist with hl2 weapons or mad cows weapons.

Perhaps you are using addon weapons?

Since when is that ever the case?

I’m using my own version of customizable weaponry, but the issue also occurs with FA:S 2.0 Alpha Sweps, GDCW Sweps, all of the M9K Sweps, DOD Sweps, RNL Sweps and CSS Sweps. Pretty much any weapon addon.

Then this is not a problem with Garry’s Mod, although its odd that its happening with so many addons. Unfortunately, like I said, I cannot confirm this on the dev branch with Mad Cows Weapons or the HL2 weapons.


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What I’ve also noticed is that if you fire a automatic weapon the sound of each individual shot is cut off by the sound following it and the full shot sound can only heard on the last shot. Is there a way to fix this so that each sound is played completely and not cut out by the next sound? Has this got something to do with sound channels? Is there something I can do that will make each sound play on different channels so that they don’t cut each other out, or…?

I’ve been facing this same problem lately. I just started hosting dedicated server yesterday and whenever client shoots with any automatic weapon (Using CSS weapons on M9K base) sound cuts off. This never happened when we played on listen server though.

Same thing is happening to me. Can’t figure out why. I have a feeling that it is something to do with the way the audio is playing so fast that it causes a slight jump in lag.

This issue’s currently affecting my addon as well. If I have multiple emit functions in my primary, secondary, or reload functions, it’ll only play the last one. Has anyone found some sort of workaround?

EDIT: I found a workaround for sounds cutting out with multiple emit strings. With a single sound though, you’re probably going to have to wait for a fix.