We’ve all played Fallout, so we all know the you can interact with NPCs. I have seen this done numerous times but cant find any lua tutorials that go in depth on how to make one on your. Does anyone know of any tutorials that could help me to make an interactive NPC?

There are actually tutorials, take the shopnpc as example to open the gui to choose what to say etc.

For a beginner he doesn’t really understand what that means. Sure you’re right for a professional, but clearly this person is new to GLua based upon his posts and questions ( no offense ). Friend me on steam and I’ll help you out.

is it hard to type in google “gmod shop npc”? the first result is even from mauritsTv aka the resources ._.

Its hard to code something where the npc talks. Yes

Wrong, there had actually even been many threads recently about fallout npcs, even an funny example which used an GTranslate made voiceline.

I tried to use that but cant find where to put in the derma or how to make that NPC spawn. Is there a video tutorial or anything I can use?

Talk to the developer, if you want he’ll most likely do it for you.

Working with stencils is really way too hard too…But some people understood it and then they can work with it without problems, the fact there’s variety doesn’t means that’s not hard…

There weren’t used stencils anyhow, it was an example of how easy it is to code it.

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And heres the fallout npc thread I am talking about: