Gmod Tennis Match, Erecting a Fight

This is a Gmod tennis match me and my buddy Gmodderable have recently started, I’ve created the first part.

If you want to join in (Mabye, I’m not sure if we need more people… but…) feel free to send me a message on my YT channel.


EDIT: Constructive critism wanted.

0:35 omg why don’t just make it ingame instead of masking it?
(the constructievest critisism i could ever give)

the beginning was good but then… i’m disappointed

Haha, It was supposed to look stupid. I understand what you mean though.

I don’t understand these “tennis matches” They don’t relate to each other at all except the use of TF 2 characters, they’re boring to watch and badly made!

Tennis match… Is that like when Fumples and one of the mods got into a video fight?