Gmod test

I will make a movie, but here is test, so what do you think about that?

[li] Sorry that is low quality, because i made i half-sized in Fraps.

I’ve seen worse… Not many but a few worse. I suppose you at least didn’t put thrusters all over a ragdoll and record it with over used sound effects.

Nope, all what i used - dynamites, hydraulics, camera and NPC’s!

This effect can look good in a more interesting map. Is it slow motion or just low gravity?

how did you use hydraulics on it??

that is phys_timescale 0.1 :smiley:

I liked it. Interesting :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: if you like that rate it :slight_smile:

that was lol

That was good, but new map, and maybe try source recorder, if you want.

That was gm_construct :smiley:

If there was still a dumb rating…
I meant use a new map!

Source recorder.

Nope, Fraps :slight_smile:

He maybe used it to push the camera across?

How i pose camera?

I placed that in air, the add hydraulics on very slow speed, and thadaaa

2 year’s late answer :v:

I lol’d, really… :smiley:

noup, just 1 :))