Hi. I need assistance please. My GMOD has been acting up lately ever since I bought it, I have a screenshot saved on my PC for what it looks like but it appears I can only type in URLs to the image, but I can describe it.

So, basically when I join a single player game on gm_flatgrass, there are grey lines coming out of my physics gun and instead of the blue sky its all black and looks wacky. Also, eveything I spawn in is weird colors.

putting my launch options as dx level 80 solves the problem but it disables my flashlight. I need my flasshlight for stuff like if I wanna play a horror map and its all dark. Any suggestions?

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To put it straightforward, your video card sucks.

I find it funny that my intel hd is able to run gmod fine, what crappier video cards are there?

There was a line where Intel HD cards supported Source by including some shader, while past models caused a lot of issues. With NVidia and ATI, the cards just have to support DirectX 9.1/9.5.

Ah. Alright.