GMod Texture Issues

I was having problems with GMod lag, so I changed the startup preference (I don’t remember what it is now) which didnt really help, and it messed up some textures, so I removed it. That didn’t help so I uninstalled gmod and removed the folder, and it was still happening. Here are the texture issues:

Hand Texture:
Car texture:
What it used to look like (orange car in the background):

I see nothing wrong with the green car, it is shiny because it’s night on the map. Blame the guy who made the car for using stupid reflective shaders.

As for hand texture, it is most likely server issue, idk. Anyway, you could try removing your garrysmod folder ( not reinstalling, just redownloading addons and server content again ) and verifying game cache integrity.

It does look like that, but this happens during daytime aswell, and it only started happening when I messed with the startup preference, I will try that though. Thanls.

Tell us what you have put into “startup preference”, otherwise I can’t really help you.

It was awhile ago, something like +mat alias, that’s all I really remember.

Try removing all start up parameters and type “mat_dxlevel 95” into console while in game.

I did “mat_dxlevel 95” in console, in the loading screen because when I load into a game it made my screen pink and black. It worked perfectly fine yesterday, no crashes, ran pretty nice, but I’m trying to do it today and when I load into a game that runs ulx, it flashes between the loading screen and the motd screen, if I try and close it nothing happens. Also, the loading bar at the bottom flashes on sending client info… It’s really weird, I’ve tried it multiple times