GMOD textures dissapeared! Just purple and black squares and error signs!

HELP! I just bought the game last night! Now I cant even play it due to textures being gone cause it gives me headaches! All I can see are black and purple squares in place for the walls and floors. For all the props and décor I see large or small error signs. Someone please help!

Do you have CS:S?

No, what is it?

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No what is it?

Counter-Strike Source. You need it for most servers.

You don’t need to buy css you could download css for game servers and put it in your gmod addon folder

Why do I need it?

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Where would I download it

You need it because a majority of the textures come from CS:S

Because most servers use maps that are from CS:S. ( Deathrun, Surf, JailBreak, etc they are all from CS:S )
That won’t work, dedicated server content does not include actual textures, only the materials.