Gmod Textures


My windows boot image once dissapeared and i didn’t have correct CD and i didn’t want to wait downloading correct version, so i installed Windows 7 again and i had to download Gmod and all addons again. Then i went to play and i realized ingame that i’m missing every single texture than Physgun. And the most painful part is to download about 30Gb of games with HORRIBLY SLOW STEAM DOWNLOAD when the speed jumps up and down 24/7 so it takes longer to download 1Gb with balanced 450kb/s than 700kb/s … … … 0b/s … … 70kb/s

Is there anyway to download only textures and sounds so i don’t have download alot of crap that i don’t need anywhere else. I hardly play HL2 Ep1-2, Portal 1-2, L4D-2, TF2, CSS. All this would be over 30Gb of stuff, With our internet speed in max speed it would take about a day, and when i can’t use the whole internet it takes 80 HOURS to download with 105kb/s. I really need help, i know there is people who had same problems like downloading stuff that they don’t use anywhere else.

Ps. I had 50Gb of steam games which was needed only in Gmod… Only.

Delete any Garry’s Mod folders in steamapps/(username) and steam/common (backup anything you want to keep such as addons), turn off Steam Cloud Sync for Garry’s Mod, delete local content and reinstall.

Well… I was asking is there anyway to download all games(HL,Portal,L4D,TF2) textures without downloading them(Game itself)?

No.You’ll have to download the games through Steam.