Gmod/TF2 freezing and black screen problems :[

Hi, I’m sure there is a thread SOMEWHERE out there discussing this that has an actual answer, but I’ve been dealing this stupid thing for far too long and I would just like to see if anyone can actually just help me out right here and now. So, as we all know who play Gmod and have since it came into existence with it’s beautifulness, it’s had its rainy days. But, for me, it’s always been simple stuff that I could just fix pretty easily. But lately, I can’t even play the game. Recently I built a new computer cause I REALLY needed an upgrade, and it’s great. I love it. Except the fact that I can’t play Gmod. Like really? I can sit here and play FFXIV or Skyrim or Dark Souls on max settings all day long but I can’t play Gmod. -_- And it’s not just that either! It’s also Team Fortress 2. And it’s the exact same problem I have with Gmod, I’ll join something, anything, it could be singleplayer or I’ll join a server or I’ll join a hamachi server with my friends and it’ll just freeze as soon as I get into the game. I’ve tried checking the integrity of the game through steam like 30 times now (of both games) I have NO addons for Gmod I’ve uninstalled Gmod and TF2 completely deleted every little thing even closely related to either of them I’ve tried launching Gmod through -dxlevel 80 and -dxlevel 81 and when I launch it through 81 it appears to work at first, but then black screens, returns to game, black screens, returns to game then does that about two more times then sends me right to the desktop but acts like I’m playing. Like I can’t move my mouse around or anything and I can hear everything but I’m on my desktop. And I’ve also uninstalled Steam completely and reinstalled multiple times and no luck. If someone could please help and give some insight that would be great and much appreciated. Thank you.

You have computer problem, This forum is not for you.

If anybody else has a legit answer that would also be much appreciated…

Try updating DirectX, NET Runtime, Visual C++ runtime redistributables, video card drivers. If that doesn’t help, contact Steam Support, maybe they can give you an answer.