Gmod Theater | Multi-Player YouTube

Gmod Theater is a multi-player you-tube server utilizing PlayX by sk89q and a wonderful map made by Tigi Ceojo (known on facepunch as matey9)
Map Download ->
some of our many features include…

  • Video queue
  • Vote skip
  • Credits / Credit Earning system
  • Store system
    • Purchasable Custom Hats
    • Purchasable Fun models
    • Purchasable VIP Passes
  • Anti-AFK system, removes AFK players from votes, and credit earning pool.
  • Intelligent anti-spam system
  • VIP Lounge
  • Many map secrets
  • Popcorn Swep :slight_smile:
  • Frequent Updates
    May 06 Updates
    Users that register on our forums and include their SteamID in their profile receive 20% bonus credits on all credits earned!

Recently played list is now viewable on the website :
Blacklist now viewable on the website :

Web based “Watch Live!” now active. Allows users to view videos in tandem with the server and view the game chat.

  • Further improvements to video anti-spam.
  • Blacklist properly implemented
  • Grey list implemented (videos played in the last 12 hours are easier to skip)
  • Client-side stability updates.

Feel free to drop by and watch some videos with us. We are usually populated 24/7, unless I’ve taken he server down for updates.

This is my first game-mode, (and first time scripting anything in lua beyond a 5 sec swep), so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions please drop by our forums and tell us about them @


So it’s dicking around like you would on your computer except now you can do it in Garry’s Mod? I don’t see any point of this at all

Well given that Garry’s Mod is all about dicking around on your computer this is an awesome complement.



for some reason when im on the server occasionally hl2.exe stops working. Any ideas whats causing it?

It’s random crashes as have already been stated.

Could be 1 of 2 issues.

  1. There is a small bug in the of the map secrets that may cause you to crash when entering it.

  2. Your Version of flash of IE is old or gmod is having trouble rendering the player on the standard browser.

I suggest installing

it usually makes the player more stable and increases performance.

Danm is awesome but agien, iam glad i have my big tv instead of looking at movies on my little laptop screen, but nice work agien is awesome.

Sorry for my gramma, i wrote it a bit fast…

Great server, but you should add a lenght limit horrible to watch War of the Servers all the time.

We are voting whether or not to force videos over 10 mins to require only 40-50% of the server vote to skip. (vs Guest 65%)

There is also a group lobbying to have 10+ min videos banned outright.

I just got banned for putting a video named vagina exam.
Unban, and i swear i will not put it again.

theres a reason an motd pops up when you join.

I’ll look into it. Most bans are temp bans, server punishment is very light.

Just goto youtube and watch the dam video…on your browser

You tend to see a lot of stuff you would never had realized to search for when you watch in a group.

of course you can just use your web browser to find videos and watch them, but that would be boring, sharing your videos with other people is fun as well.

A bit pointless, but all in good fun.

Yep, But if thats what kids want to do in games nowadays…

Yes, but this is MULTIPLAYER!

Could be fun for some, I guess.